Archery is a fun and engaging lifelong sport that encourages focus, strength, relaxation and community. It relies on “dynamic motion,” where the archer’s body works with the bow to provide a stable mental and physical platform for every shot. It requires consistent practice and concentration.

Archers shoot for recreation and competition. We shoot in a group and bond as a community, but – rather than competing against one another — we focus on our own personal achievement, growth and development.

Given our size and teaching philosophy – and for the safety of all participants — Ithaca Archery is not an open range. Archers who wish to use the range must sign a liability waiver, be enrolled in an Ithaca Archery course or Group/Private Coaching, or have a professional relationship with Coach Rendleman.



Charles Rendleman is a certified USA Archery Level 4 NTS coach, teaching the National Training System developed by Olympic Head Coach Kisik Lee — a shooting form that relies on alignment, skeletal stability, and mental management. Level 4 coaches are certified by Coach Lee at the Olympic Training Center, receiving guidance on coaching techniques (including Safe Sport certification) and undergoing background screening.

Prior to relocating to Ithaca, Coach Rendleman taught at The Archery Program at the Bull Run Shooting Center in Fairfax, Virginia, working with Olympian Ruth Rowe. While at The Archery Program, he developed a series of classes (now called Learn to Shoot) that help students quickly learn the basics of archery and NTS.