We recommend the Introduction to Archery Class  regardless of which type of bow you will ultimately shoot (recurve, compound or traditional). This one-time, 90-minute course for up to 6 students teaches the basics of shooting using an Olympic recurve bow.

This one-time, 90-minute class covers stance and posture; holding the bow; hooking and drawing the string; and aiming and releasing the arrow. The ultimate goal of the class is for students to learn how to put arrows in a target safely and consistently.

Equipment is provided.

Cost: $25.00 per person


(Recurve and Compound)

Those who have taken a Learn to Shoot class (or have been evaluated by Coach Rendleman) can participate in weekly group coaching sessions (up to 8 shooters) or sign up for private coaching (subject to availability).

Archery is an individual sport: Each student develops at his or her own pace.  After completing Learning to Shoot, archers who have a basic understanding of proper form can sign up for Group Coaching sessions (limited up to 8 archers). Others may elect to take private lessons with Coach Rendleman. It is possible for the Coach to train two students at a time.

Equipment is NOT provided.

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Depending on our class schedule, Ithaca Archery can host birthday or other parties
(such as corporate retreats, home schooling PE requirements, etc.)
based on our Introduction to Archery and Learning to Shoot courses.

As our program evolves, we expect to offer summer camp, clubs, tournaments and leagues.

Please contact Coach Rendleman for more information.