Archery is an acquired skill. We emphasize ongoing coaching to develop the skill to shoot at a recreational or competition level. 

If you are interested in archery, we recommend a four-week commitment to make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to learn and practice archery with us.

Our goal for Introductory sessions is to lay the groundwork for new archers to understand the importance of movement and position in the sport of archery and to learn a simple and effective shot sequence in order to have fun while learning.

Beyond a series of introductory sessions we emphasize learning the National Training System – a shot sequence developed by USA Archery Olympic Head Coach Kisik Lee. The level of coordination and concentration necessary to learn this shot sequence involves additional time and commitment. For the dedicated archer, the effort and time is worth it.

If you would like to learn archery or are curious about archery and would like to see what it is like to spend some time in a coaching setting, please get in touch with us. We schedule coaching on an individual basis.

Equipment is provided.

Cost for up to 2 people is: $160.00 for four 1-hour sessions.

(Recurve and Compound)

Those who have taken a Learn to Shoot class (or have been evaluated by Coach Rendleman) can participate in weekly group coaching sessions (up to 8 shooters) or sign up for private coaching (subject to availability).

Archery is an individual sport: Each student develops at his or her own pace.  After completing Learning to Shoot, archers who have a basic understanding of proper form can sign up for Group Coaching sessions (limited up to 8 archers). Others may elect to take private lessons with Coach Rendleman. It is possible for the Coach to train two students at a time.

Equipment is NOT provided.

Inquire for Cost

Contact us for more information about getting started with coaching


In additon to coaching, our members participate in organized practice, informal competition at the range and compete in tourmaments at the state and national level

Please contact Coach Rendleman for more information.