How we do it

Archery is a form sport. Consistent and precise shot execution relies on skill development over time. We teach the movements and positions that facilitate stable and still shot execution. Our best approach is one on one coaching with one or two archers at a time. We meet for one hour once a week.

  • Our late beginner archers combine weekly coaching with practice.
  • Intermediate to advanced archers combine coaching with focused training modeled after competition standards and technique.

Our Coaching Philosophy is based on:

  • Ongoing professional development and attention to research-based pedagogy.
  • Adherence to the principles of the National Training System – the shot cycle developed by USA Olympic Archery Head Coach, Kisik Lee.

How it Works

Our program begins with a four-week introductory period in which we assess your skill development and alignment with our program. Alignment is a critical component to success at every level, and we want you to feel aligned with our community as well as with our expectations. This is a time for you to evaluate us as much as for us to evaluate you.

We are looking for the following characteristics in our archers:

  • Commitment
    • Commitment to our mission and goals through regular attendance at coaching sessions
  • Proficiency
    • Proficiency through practice at least once a week as a beginner and minimum twice a week to gain mastery. Practice guidelines are best determined in consultation with your coach.
  • Autonomy
    • Autonomy in owning your own equipment when your coach feels the time is right and based on their advice on the type of equipment appropriate for your level and aspirations.


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